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APSA - Online Training Update
April 2015  
Featured National Certification Opportunity

Certified Higher Education Professional (CHEP) in Management & Supervision

To achieve results, people and processes must be effectively managed and supervised. This training program is for those currently serving in a management role or those who aspire to manage others. Develop and hone skills in planning, organizing, and coordinating work as well as mastering the ability to effectively coach diverse teams, nurture talent, and maximize team productivity. >>>

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New Online Training Course!

CS109 - Empowering Students with an Arrest or Conviction

Securing gainful employment for students with an arrest or criminal conviction is filled with unique challenges. This course introduces many of the challenges your students have (and will face), not only from the student’s perspective, but also from the employer’s. Upon completion of the course, you will be in a position to counter potential stereotypes and ‘negligent hiring’ fears. Topics of study include reviewing effective interview practices and the importance of honesty, how attitude lays the foundation for success or failure, the value of developing a letter of explanation, as well as reviewing techniques to mend a problematic past. >>>

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Training That's Trending Right Now

AD105 - Communication Essentials

Effective communication skills are essential in every aspect of life - especially in our work with students. This course provides a foundational understanding of all forms of communication and offers new techniques to improve admissions performance. In addition, a communication hierarchy provides participants with an advanced understanding of rapport building and connecting with today's students. >>>

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Free Soft Skills Tutorial

CO106 - Communicating Beyond Words

All communication tactics beyond the limits of spoken or written words are commonly classified as “nonverbal” communication. Nonverbal behavior refers to actions such as facial expressions, gestures, postures, positions, and various movements of the body. It is not possible to be an effective communicator if you are unaware of or ignore nonverbal behaviors. This tutorial discusses the use of nonverbal behaviors and techniques to enhance communication. >>>

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APSA - Member Benefit Member Benefit

Members receive discounted Online Training for school administrators, faculty and staff with a Member VIP Code. Each course is self-paced, and offers 4 hours of continuing education credit. Not a member? Contact your association to join today.