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APSA - Online Training Update
November, 2014  
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ED102 - Student Retention Methods

The instructor is the real key to student retention at career colleges. Instructors must keep focused on student motivation and retention each and every day of class. Developing strategies for retaining students throughout the entire training sequence is both complex and rewarding. All instructors should have the goal of seeing all of their students successfully complete their class. This course helps you reach that goal by helping you to understand your students and use proven motivation and retention techniques to keep them enrolled and engaged in the learning process. >>>

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CS201 - Institutional Best Practices to Maximize Graduate Employment Outcomes

Derived from the feedback of over 100 institutions, empirical research, and case studies, course participants are presented with specific strategies and best practices that promote graduate employment. This course is for all career education professionals seeking to understand the institutional practices that maximize graduate employment outcomes. Because employment outcomes are as much a function of institutional behaviors as they are of student behaviors, this course is based in systems thinking, which challenges participants to examine the interdependent relationship among institutional infrastructure, student career-readiness, and graduate employment rates. >>>

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CI104 - Fostering an Innovative Work Environment

As a manager or supervisor, your workdays are filled with challenging problems and decisions. You are also challenged to explore new product lines and services to stay ahead of the competition. You need innovative employees to help you deal with these challenges. This tutorial describes some of the best practices for promoting innovative thinking among your employees. >>>

APSA - Featured Blogger Building a Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Today's Knowledge Economy

“Today’s economy is not a recession. It’s the end of an era.” When I first heard this quote from Arthur Brock, it struck a chord. We have indeed entered a new era as well as a knowledge-based economy where an organization’s effective utilization of intangible assets such as employee skills, abilities and innovation are key to building a competitive edge. What does this mean for career colleges? >>>

APSA - Video Feature Interview with Jay Hollowell: 4 Sector Training Trends

Filmed at the 2014 APSCU Convention, in this interview, Jay Hollowell, VP of Client Services of MaxKnowledge, discusses 4 trends in training observed in the career college sector of Higher Education. >>>

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Members receive discounted Online Training for school administrators, faculty and staff with a Member VIP Code. Each course is facilitated by a career college expert, self-paced, and offers 4 hours of continuing education credit. Not a member? Contact your association to join today.