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APSA - Online Training Update
March 2015  
APSA - EL201 New Online Training Course!

EL201 - Online Communication: Engaging and Retaining Online Learners

Research shows that supportive working relationships between students and institutional personnel are vital to student retention. For online students, these relationships are especially essential in preventing a sense of isolation and detachment from their academic experience. Because interactions with online students are most likely to occur via phone and email, developing retention-supporting relationships can be challenging. This course teaches online communication strategies that foster connection and engagement with online learners. Participants will develop a deeper understanding of (a) retention and attrition research, (b) online learning, and (c) technology’s unique role in both the relationship-building process and the online student experience. >>>

APSA - CS202 New Online Training Course!

CS202 - Best Practices in Graduate Employment Verification & Documentation

Accurate representation of graduate outcomes is critical to upholding institutional integrity. All involved in employment reporting must continuously identify ways to strengthen their system for tracking, collecting, and verifying employment data. When documentation is both a quality and a compliance matter, staff must understand the verification program as a whole, the role they play in continuously improving it, and how to use professional principles and best practices in documentation. This course is designed to encourage participants to critically analyze their own employment reporting practices while sharing ideas and best practices that can help lead to the highest level of data integrity. >>>

APSA - CA101 Free Soft Skills Tutorial

CA101 - Personal Self-Assessment

Study after study shows that successful professionals continually assess and seek to improve their knowledge, skills and behavior. This tutorial is about personal self-assessment for managers and supervisors. You will learn to identify and act upon your strengths and weaknesses, recognize your impact on others and evaluate your ethical standards. >>>

APSA - StRet Student Retention: Helping Students Feel Connected

Dr. Brian Van Brunt shares his "best kept retention secret." Dr. Van Brunt says connection is the key to student retention. >>>

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