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Development Tool

The Individual Development Plan (IDP) is an online portfolio management system allowing faculty, staff and administrators to plan, monitor and document their professional development activities. The tool includes an export function to output completed faculty/staff development forms (in PDF format) for submission to accrediting agencies.

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Soft Skills Tutorials

We offer a large selection of free online tutorials covering soft skills areas. There are no formal requirements for completing a tutorial. You can access the tutorial as many times as you wish and take the online quizzes again and again until you get it all right! Because of the informal nature of our free tutorials, we do not award certificates for completion of tutorials. These "cut-to-the-chase" tutorials simply offer you the opportunity to enhance your basic soft skills at no cost to you or your employer.

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Higher Education Lessons

Our higher education lessons are provided and sponsored by Campus Management, a leading provider of innovative software solutions for higher education institutions. These FREE lessons provide an overview of higher education in the United States, and discuss the various operating models of institution types within the sector. We offer these lessons as informal learning opportunities with no certificates or CEUs awarded. You should be able to complete a lesson in less than an hour.

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Career Ed Lounge

The Career Ed Lounge is a virtual learning community of career education professionals, empowering users to make their own thoughts and reflections and make their own connections. The Lounge is the place to find and link up with other users with similar interests through participation in targeted learning groups.

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